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Aloha Hawaii Orchids

Cattleya Orchid Rlc Star Of Siam Fragrant Cattleyas comes in 2" Pot

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These large-flowered fragrant Cattleyas are very sought after. They are the most exotic orchids with large blooms. The blooming varies with species that produce large and fragrant flowers with vibrant colors. Cattleya Orchids are epiphytes and the flower stalk grows from a pseudo-bulb which they use for water storage. They are sturdy and tolerant to temperatures. Cattleya blooms once a year and the bloom last for anywhere from one to three weeks. They are also sometimes referred to as the “queen of the orchids.” Grab yours now!
Orchids are not in buds or flowers.
FREE SHIPPING FROM HAWAII. All of our plants are grown in a certified Hawaiian nursery and has proper U.S. Department of Agriculture stamp for shipping to the US mainland