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Epidendrum nocturnum Jacq. Night Fragrant Orchid 4" Pot

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This large orchid is the type species for the genus Epidendrum, and has a beautiful large flower with a unique night fragrance. the Night Fragrant Epidendrum, is the largest-flowered and most distinctive species of Epidendrum found in Florida and occurs in the West Indies, Mexico, Central America, and northern South America. This orchid produces 4-10 dark green leaves that are elliptic in shape and alternate on the stem and up to 5 flowers on a short-stemmed raceme. The petals and sepals are yellowish in color with a long and slender shape and the lip is white with 3 lobes. Most flowers are self-fertilized before they open. The flowering period for this orchid is July-January but it can flower any time of the year. This orchid grows throughout the swamps and hammocks in the southern part of Florida on several varieties of trees, including cabbage palm, pop ash, and pond apple.