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Aloha Hawaii Orchids

Orchid Cattleya George King 'Serendipity' 2" Pot Live Plant

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Large, fragrant, showy pink flowers help to put this plant on the American Orchid Society’s list of Collector’s Items:

“This hybrid embodies all of the fine qualities one would expect in a standard Cattleya hybrid. Two or three large, flat flowers are produced and well-held on a strong inflorescence. The flowers are usually spaced nicely and rarely crowded... One of Rlc. George King's extra bonus is the delicious fragrance that can perfume a whole room. Although the Rhyncholaelia digbyana parent is four generations back, the sweet citrus fragrance is unmistakable. And if these qualities were not enough to put this grex in the orchid hall of fame, it blooms several times a year for your enjoyment.”

Plants Available: plants in 2” pots. 

Orchid Care: Generally adaptable and easy to care for. Grow in bright indirect light with good air circulation and moderate humidity. We recommend potting this variety to better accommodate the stature of the plant (though plants can be grown mounted if preferred). For potted plants use a large aggregate bark/bark mix that drains easily. Allow plants to dry out between waterings.

Our Orchid Farm is located in Hilo Hawai'i family owned we love selling Orchids to all our Ohana

Live Orchids are grown in a perfect environment in Hawai'i

Orchids are not in buds or flowers.

FREE SHIPPING FROM HAWAII. All of our plants are grown in a certified Hawaiian nursery and has proper U.S. Department of Agriculture stamp for shipping to the US mainland

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