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Aloha Hawaii Orchids

Coconut Orchid Maxillaria tenuifolia Fragrant plants

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Coconut Orchid Maxillaria tenuifolia Fragrant plants Free Shipping From Hawaii Comes in A 2" pot

Maxillaria tenuifolia is a long time favorite because of its strong coconut scent, it smells just like a Pina Coloda.

The coconut orchid is an easy to grow orchid that smells like fresh coconuts, Maxillaria tenuifolia is one of those orchids that belongs in every collection. While small plants remain compact, it may also be grown into a specimen in a rather short period of time. The grasslike foliage makes an attractive houseplant even when not in flower. Being a widely distributed species, it is adaptable to a broad range of growing conditions. Also known as the "coconut orchid", this Maxillaria will perfume the home or greenhouse with its coconut-scented flowers and delight family and visitors.
Our Orchid Farm is located in Hilo Hawai'i family owned we love selling Orchids to all our Ohana

Live Orchids are grown in a perfect environment in Hawai'i

Orchids are not in buds or flowers. The Orchids should be going into bloom soon

FREE SHIPPING FROM HAWAII. All of our plants are grown in a certified Hawaiian nursery and has proper Department of Agriculture stamp for shipping to the US mainland