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Oncidium Aka Baby 'Raspberry Chocolate' Comes in 4" Pot

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Oncidium Aka Baby ‘Raspberry Chocolate’ is a beautiful new variety bred from Oncidium Sharry Baby.
Oncidium hybrids make wonderful gifts for yourself or a loved one as they are low-maintenance orchids with long-lasting flowers.
Much like Onc. Sharry Baby in care, appearance, and fragrance, but perhaps a bit fruitier in the aroma. Petal tips and nose are light yellow and bloom spikes, shorter and stockier.
Blooms with the maturation of each new growth, typically twice a year (spring and fall).
‘Raspberry Chocolate’ mericlone.
Tall branching spikes with multiple flowers that have a sweet scent of chocolate with a hint of raspberry. Grow in intermediate to warm temperatures and medium light levels. The flowers last 2+ months and this plant have the nice habit of flowering twice per year.