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Aloha Hawaii Orchids

Orchid Dancing-lady Oncidium Gower Ramsey Live Plants

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ONCIDIUM ORCHIDS Flowers usually blossom in many sprays in multiple long spikes and can grow seriously long, normally up to 10 feet in height and spread up to 2 feet. A couple of exceptional varieties, Oncidium altissimum and Oncidium baueri can reach up to 15 feet. These dazzling orchid plants come in many sizes, shapes, and colors. Although the majority of Oncidium orchids are more commonly available in shades of pink/yellow, stunning sprays in white, pink, red, green, and purple are now emerging. Some orchid species from this genera are also blessed with a pleasant scent. Like other epiphytic orchids, Oncidium orchids are usually planted onto the bark of trees, such as oaks and palms. They are not parasitic and do not take away minerals from the tree, but absorb moisture and nutrients from the air. On the other hand, there are also some terrestrial Oncidium orchid species that have been seen living on forest floors. Growing Oncidiums Year-Round
Our Orchid Farm is located in Hilo Hawai'i family owned we love selling Orchids to all our Ohana
Live Orchids are grown in a perfect environment in Hawai'i
Orchids are not in buds or flowers. The Orchids should be going into bloom soon
FREE SHIPPING FROM HAWAII. All of our plants are grown in a certified Hawaiian nursery and has proper U.S. Department of Agriculture stamp for shipping to the US mainland