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White Phalaenopsis Orchid Orchidaceae 'Moth orchids' Blooming size

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Comes in a 5" Pot Usually with 2 spikes takes about 4-6 weeks to bloom 

Easy Beginner Orchid, Great indoors/Outdoors

Watering when it begins to dry out, usually every 7 to 10 days.

The popular Phalaenopsis orchid is one of the easiest varieties of orchids to grow as a houseplant and is often called the beginner orchid due to its easy-going nature, or the moth orchid due to the shape of its blooms.
 Native to India, China, and Southeast Asia — this orchid with leafy stems and long-lasting flowers does best a bright, warm, humid spot. Indoors, the Phalaenopsis will typically bloom about once a year, for up to three months. After a blooming cycle, the flowers will wilt and fall off. When this happens,will re-bloom again next season.
Our Orchid Farm is located in Hilo Hawai'i family owned we love selling Orchids to all our Ohana

Live Orchids are grown in a perfect environment in Hawai'i

Orchids are not in buds or flowers.

FREE SHIPPING FROM HAWAII. All of our plants are grown in a certified Hawaiian nursery and has proper U.S. Department of Agriculture stamp for shipping to the US mainland