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Aloha Hawaii Orchids

White Pineapple - White Hawaiian Pineapple Non Acidic Super Sweet Comes in 4" Pot

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White Pineapple - White Hawaiian Pineapple Non Acidic Super Sweet

Growing Your Own Pineapple
When you cut your pineapple for eating, cut off from ½ to 1 inch of fruit with the crown (the cluster of leaves on the top. Set this aside in a cool, shady, dry spot. The fruit section will dry and curl up. Depending on the humidity, it takes from three days to a little over a week. After the fruit portion dries up, remove it by gently pulling it off the base of the crown. This will expose a stump just below the leaves. Gently pull off the lower leaves. As you do this you will notice small little root nubs. Pull off enough leaves to expose about 1 inch of stem. Place the crown upside down and let it dry again for three to five days.
Insert the exposed stem into a well-drained potting mix and keep the mix slightly moist. Roots will form in about a week and fill a 4-inch pot in about two to three months. You can then place the rooted plant in the garden or transplant it to a larger pot.
FREE SHIPPING FROM HAWAII. You will receive it in a 4" pot. All of our plants are grown in a certified Hawaiian nursery and has proper U.S. Department of Agriculture stamp for shipping to the US mainland